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Cortex Hub Incubation based in East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa.


Cortex Hub Accelerator based anywhere in South Africa.



Since 2015, we’ve funded more than 6 startups with products and services. Cortex Hub is committed in the success of those companies and seeing its success to investment phase.


Msimelelo Bala

I joined the Cortex Hub to be an entrepreneur on 2015 January and it has been an interesting journey so far. Meeting new people with different backgrounds and work with them was amazing. Being at the Cortex Hub helped me gain a lot of experience especially in things such as presentations, research, leadership skills and so on.

Msimelelo BalaFounder & CEOSuperVisionary
Sifiso Mfeya

Road to becoming a successfully entrepreneur. While most people believe that building a company is tough, I’ve personally seem the coming up with and building a product that everyone wants is even tougher or maybe it’s one and the same thing I’m still confused by that.

Sifiso MfeyaFounder & CEOTriospec
Mandilakhe Hlaula

The Cortex Hub is a privilege obtained through perseverance, sacrifices, commitment and hard work (as Thomas Edison would say, “There is no substitute for hard work.”) to better advance one’s ability to execute in the journey of entrepreneurship. A necessary business model that will start-up you

Mandilakhe HlaulaCo-Founder & COO – Alpha SpectrumTriospec
Sinaye Kondile

I’ve started joining the Cortex Hub in January 2015, I joined this Organization with the aim of establishing my own business. I always wanted to own a business in my life and I have studied many business related courses like New Venture Creations which gave me passion about entrepreneurship

Sinaye KondileCo-Founder & CEO – Alpha SpectrumTriospec