Something Great is happening in South Africa


The past two decades have seen a groundswell of positive energy directed towards innovation in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector. Led by innovations in the Americas, Europe and Asia, major technological advances have been achieved with the help of ICT Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), ICT Service Providers and Software Developers (SD).

Specialized institutions have also risen to spur the growth of this economy in the form of Business Accelerators and Business Incubators. According to Mian (1996), the number of institutions that seek to stimulate innovation by “linking talent, technology, capital and “know how” to leverage entrepreneurial talent” have been steadily on the increase since the 1980’s. Today, American business incubators such as YCombinator have incubated some of the most successful ICT companies in the world (YCombinator, 2014).

The positive momentum gathered by such institutions in recent years has presented greater opportunity for entrepreneurs to leverage technology for socio-economic development. CortexHub or “the Hub”, aims to exploit this opportunity by creating an innovative society that is able to sustainably leverage current technologies towards solving society’s problems.

The Hub aims to create global players through leading research and development and an incubation platform that will activate, nurture and support technology innovation. The Hub combines a robust, two year training platform, with real world experience of the entrepreneurial world to give our entrepreneurs an edge when entering their potential markets. The Hub’s goal is to create an innovative society that is able to sustainably leverage current technologies towards solving societal problems. It aims to achieve this by forming strong partnerships with universities, ICT providers, entrepreneurs and other business incubators to create a robust entrepreneurship ecosystem within the Eastern Cape (EC) region.


Leonard Bernstein once quipped that “to achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.” – The Hub aims to achieve great, GREAT things within these next two years. Watch this space, this is going to be a great adventure!

MICT SETA’s Visit to The Cortex Hub Accelerator

On the 14th of April 2015 The Cortex Hub hosted one of their most valuable sponsors. Entrepreneurs were granted an opportunity to give a short feedback on the pre-incubation phase (first 3 months of the two years) of The Cortex Hub founded by Prof. Andile Ngcaba.

The current projects being undertaken by the incubator were further show cased and feedback on the recently held internal hackathon was given. Mr Mopaki – CEO of Media, Information and Communication Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority (MICT SETA), together with a few of influential figures from the ICT industry shared insights on what the field was about, and further commented on how he saw this as a fruitful investment towards the future of the entire nation. On the day of the event, based on the technologies that The Cortex Hub is busy with he was adamant that the entrepreneurs were on the right path into solving many problems that people are currently faced with and establishing profitable companies.