Oracle University at The Cortex Hub

On the 20th July 2015 Cortex hub hosted an Oracle University event, the aim of the event was to graduate the entrepreneurs who have attended the Oracle University java fundamental (SE7) and programming training. On that day we had visitors from Oracle University Wendy Beetge (Oracle Transformation Director), Pragasen Moodley (Oracle University Director), MICT SETA, the founder of The Cortex hub and Chairman of Dimension data Professor Andile Ngcaba.

Oracle is a software company that offers training programs, courses and workshops at sites throughout the world. Oracle University offers courses and certification programs that focus on various computer software programs, such as Linux and Java. These programs are designed to provide individuals with a working knowledge of a component of database administration. Including development tools, application, grids, databases and fusion middleware.

Candidates may pursue four levels of certifications these are associate, professional, master and expert; in areas such as databases, Linux and various business applications. Earning a lower-level certification usually involves passing a series of exams; upper-level certifications may also require the completion of specific courses and the submission of transcript forms.

Having received the Oracle University training the skills that we have acquired are:

  • To understand written programming code
  • To understand IDE’s that are compatible with Java
  • To be able to identify which applications that can be developed using Java.
  • We also acquired knowledge based on error handling

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The Cortex Hub at Masizakhe childern’s home during the 67 minutes on Nelson Mandela day

Giving back and helping those less fortunate is a responsibility we take seriously at The Cortex Hub. We say responsibility because it is every South African’s duty to help uplift others in our communities. To celebrate the legacy of Mandela 67 minutes The Cortex Hub entrepreneurs took to visit an orphanage in Mdantsane, East London called Masizakhe Children’s Home. The children at the home are from the ages 4 – 18 years old they are placed at the home by the Department of Social Development for various reasons. We chose an orphanage because we recognize that children are the future of this country and if we can help at least one child at a time that child will one day help another child and therefore creating a chain.

The minute we arrived at the home you could see the faces of the children lighting up they were excited to see us. To us that was everything because it’s those faces that show you the impact you are making in someone’s life. We spent a few hours playing and connecting with the children asking their names and their dreams what they wanted to be when they grew up. We shared with them who we were and told them about the Information Technology Industry and entrepreneurship and why it is important for young people to start businesses instead of job seeking.

Education is freedom learning is a transformational process which is why it should be encouraged and supported. Hence it was important for us to donate educational supplies to Masizakhe. We are great supporters of education, the culture of learning is vital in a nation it is through that learning countries such as China have powerful economies. Education is the answer to many of our economic and social issues.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela


The Cortex Hub entrepreneurs in Russia

Russia has immensely adopted the concept of a modern entrepreneurial system over the years, this has resulted in a tremendous economic transformation. Generally as a country, Russia instils youth entrepreneurial development rather than job seeking, with numerous organizations that empower young entrepreneurs including Skolkovo. Such entities fill the gap by training young people to take their ventures to scale.

Luyolo Makalima and Sifiso Mfeya were invited to accompany the Chairman of Dimension Data to Skolkovo Start-up Village in Moscow (Russia).

Intended Outcomes:

  • International exposure to Start-ups;
  • Identifying different start-up funding systems;
  • Exposure to and opportunity to partake in live debates and start-up pitch sessions;
  • Interaction with start-up exhibitions;

Russia has an abundance of resources, access to information and global markets. Institutional support and a rapidly developing start-up culture has created a focus for entrepreneurial innovation. There are countless funding opportunities. Russian angel investors are ready to fund start-ups and can be easily accessible at industry events. Russian VC Funds such as Rusnano, the Russian Venture Company, Almaz Capital and the Skolkovo Foundation have ample resources to capitalize promising start-ups, scale medium size businesses and even grow established enterprises.

This year the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit is set to take place in Moscow, bringing together top young entrepreneurs from the G20 nations to exchange their experiences with leaders in the global entrepreneurial ecosystem. Shane Chairman