Situated in East London’s Industrial Zone, the Cortex Hub is the home for innovative start-ups building products customers really want.  With a strong focus on innovative product design, good team dynamics and customer satisfaction our working space is an inspiring and resourceful one where creativity and tech innovation meet.  To ensure time spent at the Cortex Hub is dedicated completely to the development of game-changing products, we provide each start-up with early-stage funding ensuring each entrepreneur is able to pay expenses and keep a roof over their head whilst they get started.  Depending on the stage of the business, on entrance, some start-ups are put through the business incubation, whilst others enter the acceleration program.  The Cortex Hub is structured as a non-profit, seed-funding incubation hub and as a for-profit acceleration, investment hub.

One of our main aims is to expose young and ambitious entrepreneurs to a tech and digital art space that allows them to generate and create value.