Sivu Ngcaba

Head of Stakeholder Management

As the head of The Cortex Hub’s Stakeholder Relations, Sivu Ngcaba has played an instrumental role in building The Cortex Hub’s brand since its inception, having helped to found the incubator in the Eastern Cape and working to establish the brand in various regions of the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

Sivu holds a Rhodes University Commerce Degree in Economic and Management Sciences, has recently completed her Private Equity certification with the Business Institute and is currently studying towards obtaining her CFA qualification.  An Art enthusiast, when not at the Cortex Hub, Sivu works for the Sol-Con House, finding innovative ways to merge the exciting world of art and investments, with technology. She is passionate about pan-Africanism, gender equality and the uplifting of the African continent by ensuring the continent reaches its full potential through education, innovation and entrepreneurship.  When not completely submerged in these various projects, Sivu will often be found sharing her opinions on various economic issues affecting society, art, technology and her favourite books, on her personal blog,