The Cortex Hub CEO: The journey – Luyolo Makalima.

LuyoloI would like to thank the entire Cortex Hub community – the Chairman, Remote team, Entrepreneurs and also the illustrious visitors who have attended the Cortex Hub days on end, for the heartfelt support they have shown me throughout my term as CEO in the first generation of what will soon be the greatest incubator in South Africa and ultimately Africa.

This journey has been an incredible one, working with people who really rose to the occasion at all times in assisting in running and coordinating the Cortex Hub very ably in a period of hard work, structuring ,organising, articulating and implementing of strategies and plans of the Cortex Hub’s ambitious idea. This stage has been of refining raw talent, such that each of the 32 entrepreneurs have the necessary skill set to yield a successful business in the very near future.

I have personally learnt a great deal about the running of a complex structure such as this. Learning to typically encourage the entrepreneurs to devote themselves full-time to their new ideas, set curriculum and structure was the most rewarding skill learnt. There is no doubt that The Cortex Hub can only grow in the right direction with the new CEO, Mr Mandilakhe Hlaula, great things shall prevail. Good luck my friend.

About Luyolo

Luyolo Makalima is an innovative young man who is always striving for opportunities to grow beyond limitations. Ultimately his goal is the discovery of new things in the world around him. He is the former CEO at The Cortex Hub.

Luyolo matriculated in 2007, and holds a Bachelor Degree in Construction Management from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU). He has served in positions such as National and International Relations Officer in the Green Campus Initiative, and was a finalist in the NMMU Sanlam Business Challenge. He also served in a Non-Governmental Organisation, Bluebuck Network as a Media and Marketing Manager, and was a delegate for the Association of College and University Housing Officers in the Southern African Chapter Conference.

Luyolo recently represented The Cortex Hub at a technology conference, Skolkovo Startup Village in Moscow, Russia

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